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This donation provides a one-year subscription to Topsec Email Security for one mailbox/user.

Why use Topsec Email Security (Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus) email filtering?

Helps keep unwanted email spam from reaching your network.

Gives peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business

Reduces time wasted by users filtering emails

Avoids lost productivity, protecting company's bandwidth for core business critical systems

Helps to prevents data leakage, possible litigation and damage to your brand reputation

Frees up internal IT resources & provides full visibility on your IT security services

How Does Topsec Email Security (Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus) work?

This secure managed email filtering service continuously monitors email traffic immediately blocking spam, and any emails containing viruses.

Filtering takes place on multiple levels, with layers of security and a vast range of checks carried out on all inbound and outbound emails

A wide range of techniques continuously build our knowledge base of new and emerging spam threats

Emails, where illicit content is detected, are quarantined.

The secure email service operates at internet level, eliminating threats before inbound emails reach client gateways and before outbound emails reach customers or partners.


Topsec Email Security Content Policy provides an email filtering service for email content and attachments.

  • A secure and resilient global network provides reassurance around your company’s online communication, keeping unwanted email spam from reaching your network
  • Round the clock support ensures that your business is always protected making Topsec Email Security a market leader
  • Granular application of content policies allows users manage data entering and leaving their networks via email
  • Easily deployed with a simple change to MX records and requires no hardware or software
  • Dashboard, summary, detailed and scheduled reporting providing full visibility on performance of the service and potential threats and usage patterns within the business
  • Offers peace of mind and guaranteed performance allowing you to focus on your business
  • Protects corporate bandwidth for web, VoIP and other critical systems
  • Delivers effective anti spam protection against new and emerging spam techniques.

Receiving Your Product 

  • When the administration fee is received by Enclude you will receieve a fulfilment email within 2-5 working days, this email will include a TOPSEC Customer Setup form.
  • You must send this completed setup form directly to TOPSEC by emailing for provisioning.
  • TOPSEC will contact you directly to complete your account setup.


Support is provided by TOPSEC by contacting or calling 01-426 3300


Renewals are normally annual, you will receive notice of your renewal and user numbers 1 month in advance of your renewal date. Renewals requests are via the Enclude Portal.

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Supports most email platforms including Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Exchange, GroupWise, Domino, and Linux.



Topsec Email Continuity, Topsec Email Archiving and Topsec Image Analysis are plugins for Topsec Email Security.