The Amazon Web Services Credits Programme for Nonprofits

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Credits Programme for Nonprofits provides AWS Promotional Credits ("credits") for cloud services to eligible nonprofits throughout the world.

You can apply these service credits toward usage fees for AWS on-demand cloud services and certain AWS support fees. AWS is a secure cloud services platform that offers computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality without requiring organisations to invest in physical infrastructure. These credits are not valid for any fees or charges for Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances, Amazon Mechanical Turk, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Route53 domain name registration or transfer, or any upfront fee for any service.

For additional information, see the Amazon Web Services Credits Programme for Nonprofits FAQ and see how other nonprofit organisations are leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions.


To find out if your organisation can receive donations through this programme, review the Amazon Web Services Credits Programme for Nonprofits eligibility guidelines.

Signing Up for the AWS Free Tier

In addition to the AWS Credits Programme for Nonprofits, AWS offers the AWS Free Tier for all new customers for 12 months following the organisation's sign-up date. The AWS Free Tier is an offer that is separate from the AWS Credits Programme. It allows new customers to use certain AWS services for free up to certain usage limits.

AWS recommends that potential grant recipients sign up for the AWS Free Tier before they request this offer.

In most situations, organisations will use both the AWS Credits Programme for Nonprofits and the AWS Free Tier. This combination can help organisations leverage AWS's cloud infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis to host websites and fundraising software, store and analyse data, and develop new systems.

About the Amazon Web Services Credits Programme for Nonprofits

Amazon Web Services (AWS) understands that nonprofit organisations need technology that helps them achieve their mission without wasting precious resources. We are passionate about offering inexpensive and highly scalable infrastructure technology to build websites, host core business and employee-facing systems, and manage outreach and fundraising. We want to empower nonprofit organisations around the world to stop paying for computing power they aren't using so they can focus their resources on their important work.

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