The Enclude Tech Donations Programme is a partnership between ENCLUDE (CHY 17286) and TechSoup, the San Francisco-based nonprofit technology capacity building organisation, that links technology donations from leading software and hardware manufacturers and the Irish Non-Governmental (NGO) sector.

The programme assists organisations by making donated software available for a very low Administrative Fee, thereby helping them to make the most of their ICT purchases and infrastructure. Whilst the administrative fees vary, charities will still make savings of between 92-96% on typical retail prices. Receiving technology product donations frees up stretched NGO budgets for both technology priorities and other programme areas.

The TechSoup programme has been running for several years in the United States, and has distributed over $250 million worth of software to nearly 50 000 nonprofit organisations. TechSoup expanded to Canada in 2004, and the United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland in 2006. In the first two months after launch in these three countries, the programme distributed over US$1 million in software donations.

This programme is made possible by generous donations from technology product manufacturers like Microsoft, Cisco, and Symantec. They wish to help the NGO sector, we help them do this. On this website you are not ordering a product, you are requesting a product donation from one of our Donor Partners. As such, we are responsible for making sure the Eligibility Criteria of our donor partners is consistently and accurately adhered to. To help us do this, we will request information about you and your organisation that may be different from the information you provide to a for-profit e-commerce site. 

ENCLUDE and TechSoup are also planning to expand the programme to include donations from other leading corporate technology donors. We are also in discussions with local ICT service providers to include local offerings such as web hosting and connectivity, IT training, and hardware discounts and donations. Open source solutions as well as discounted services and support will also become part of our offering.


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