Marge Fitzsimons 

Marge Fitzsimons

TechSoup Programme Manager

Marge loves being part of the Enclude Team. She is responsible for helping charities navigate the Tech Donations Programme and new offerings.

Marge is passionate about helping others and loves how technology can support the amazing work done by so many people in incredible organisations in Ireland.

Outside of Enclude, Marge enjoys Dragon Boat racing, here in Ireland and overseas.

Katarzyna Rogas-Weintritt

Client Services Administrator

Katarzyna joined the Enclude Tech Donations Team in August 2021 as Client Services Administrator. Katarzyna brings many years of operations management skills and solid customer service experience, working in conjunction with government agencies in Poland.

Katarzyna is a graduate from the University of Agriculture in Krakow.

Katarzyna is passionate about travel, music, and skiing.

We also help non-profit organisations to develop IT solutions to support their organisational needs. Meet our ENCLUDE people here! 



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