What is the maximum list size an organisation discounted account can have?

You can have up to 100,000 contacts in your account. Any additional contacts will be subject to a list extension fee. If you contact GetResponse after exceeding the 100,000 quota, the list extension fee may also be reduced.

When will my discount be active?

After your request for discount is approved, we will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to create a GetResponse account and a unique discount coupon code. Click on the link, enter the code and register an account. Your discount will be activated when registering with GetResponse.

For how long is the discount valid? What if the discount period ends?

The discount is valid for 24 months. After this period, standard fees will be automatically applied to your GetResponse account. To avoid this, we encourage you to visit TechSoup again for a renewal coupon, so that you can take advantage of the discount for 2 more years.

What if my organisation already has a GetResponse account?

If you would like to take advantage of the 50% discount for non-profits, it is best to create a new account. GetResponse Technical Support will support you in moving data between the accounts.

Will we be able to transfer our contact lists and message templates from the existing one to the new GetResponse account?

Yes, it is possible to transfer the message templates and subscriber lists. If you have any problems or doubts, feel free to contact GetResponse's Technical Support.

What is GetResponse University and the GetResponse Certification Programme?

GetResponse University is a platform for education in the field of marketing. Hear from GetResponse experts and industry influencers such as Andrew Davies, Jamie Turner, Kath in 5 different modules covering email marketing, landing pages, marketing automation, content marketing and sales (including a lesson on AdWords and SEO). After each module there is a test after which you can get a certificate. Non-profit organisations can access the University for free.

Can I use a contact database that has been bought or obtained from public directories?

Importing databases purchased or available to the public is against GetResponse’s anti-spam policy. Sending marketing communications to people who have not consented to it is illegal and as such may harm deliverability rates, and your emails may end up in spam, as well as break the rules related to the GDPR if you are contacting European customers.

So how to collect legal contacts?

GetResponse helps you collect contacts through surveys, forms, and landing pages. For example, you can add a form to your landing page (GetResponse offers ready-made templates), and the recipients who fill it in will automatically go to the specified list of contacts. The forms contain GDPR fields so you can rest assured these contacts are legal. The survey has similar functions.

You create your landing page, add questionnaire, i.e. a window to collect your name, e-mail and consent for further correspondence, and in this way you get valuable contacts who really wait for more information from your organization.

What are the rules for posting information about using GetResponse on an organization's website?

It is entirely up to you. One way is to place the GetResponse logo in the section dedicated to the Organisation's partners, donors, and sponsors. You can also publish an article or post about using GetResponse. You can add the GetResponse logo to some parts of the Organisation's website or blog. The information (or logo) should link to www.getresponse.com.

What happens if we do not list GetResponse's usage on our site even though we have applied for a 50% discount?

If GetResponse fails to confirm that a notice of use of GetResponse was posted on your site within 4 weeks of registration, the discount will be removed starting from the next billing cycle (the next 30 days of use of your account). But don't worry, GetResponse will send you multiple reminders to give you the opportunity to resolve the issue before the account’s discount is removed. Reminders will be sent to the address you provided when creating your GetResponse account.

What happens if the information about using GetResponse is removed from the Organisation's website after being initially added?

If this is due to a technical issue, we will be happy to help you add it back; please note however that if you fail to add this information in approximately 30 calendar days, the discount may be removed starting from the next billing cycle.

Why is there a fee for accessing the discount?

TechSoup runs a technology support programme for non-profit organisations that offers a range of free or low-cost technology solutions. The administrative fee charged for access to the discount allows us to cover primarily the costs of validating the recipient organizations, implementation and development of the GetResponse offer, handling inquiries and actively informing and promoting the offer among non-profits.

How does the GetReponse webinar feature works?

The GetResponse webinar room is not only about audio-video conferences, but also the ability to create polls, share your desktop, transfer files, and use presentations and whiteboards. If you use the Plus and Professional packages, you get access to the Webinars functionality as part of the subscription. In the Plus package you can conduct conferences for up to 100 participants, and in the Professional package for up to 300 participants.

Webinar participants can participate in the event by asking questions in the chat and in a specially designed discussion mode.

You can log in to the event from mobile devices, thanks to the mobile application created for this purpose by GetResponse. You can also run a webinar from a mobile device.

Please note webinars are made available through an additional purchased add-on unless the applied for plan contains Webinar capabilities such as Plus and Professional.

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